Equalities minister is shocked that views on trans rights are so divided


Baroness Williams has said she was taken aback by the backlash against transgender rights reforms, and vowed to push ahead with changes if not to eliminate than at least to ease the bureaucratic process for transgender Brits on the way to being legally recognized. The consultation on the Gender Recognition Act closed in October and has got thousands of replies, but the minister believes there is no need to rush it. “We had a huge LGBT+ survey that was very informative in what it told us — we’ve got an action plan for that — and we’ll work through the consultation. It will be in due course, to use that terrible government phrase,” she told PinkNews, meaning that the British government currently struggles to solve the problem of Brexit. She added that the backlash from TERF seemed unexpected for her as the country accepted Gender Recognition Act many years ago and it states that trans women are women and should be treated by the state as women, it is not going to be changed. She personally would feel quite okay sharing a bathroom with a trans woman.


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