Governor of Utah called ‘gay cure therapy’ barbaric


The Republican Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, has said he believes that the disgraced conversion therapy should be outlawed in his state. Lawmakers in Utah are fronting a bipartisan push to outlaw conversion therapy in the ultra-conservative state. As the bill goes before the GOP-dominated Utah legislature, the state’s governor Gary Herbert has indicated that if that bill is passed and he is the one to make the final decision, he will sign it into law without a doubt because he does not believe in the productivity of such a method. At the press conference the Governor claimed: “I think conversion therapy, how we define conversion is the key issue there, but some of the things being done to young people seem to be barbaric, and ought to be eliminated”. Utah state Senator Daniel McCay and Representative Craig Hall, both Republicans, introduced the bill to outlaw the practice that faced opposition from the local religious activists.


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