Minnesota gay couple had their relationships recognized after more than 4 decades together


Michael McConnell and Jack Baker quietly tied the knot in Blue Earth County, Minnesota in 1971, after legally receiving a marriage license from a clerk who somehow did not understand that the license was issued for them two. The state had no law to explicitly ban same-sex couples from getting married at the time, but instead of officially attempting to revoke or nullify the marriage, officials just had denied that it could have ever happened and the men filed a complaint and started a legal battle that lasted up until now. In September 2018, a district court in Minnesota ruled: “The marriage is declared to be in all respects valid.” And last month the marriage license issued in 1971 was federally approved. “It proves what I’ve always said. Jack and I are in our 70s, and we’ve been married almost 50 years. Our marriage is all about the power of love… sometimes it takes a while, but in the end, love always wins,” one of the men said. “Over the years, many legal scholars have reviewed our case and concluded that the law was on our side,” his husband added.


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