Nigeria re-elected a homophobic President


Nigeria has re-elected President Muhammadu Buhari, who said that gay sex was abhorrent to the Nigerian culture and this is why he had no plans to make it legal in his country which currently punishes people charged with sodomy up to 14 years behind the bars, let alone the 12 Sharia-controlled states in which people who have gay sex are stoned to death. Muhammadu Buhari was picked to lead the country for the next term in what runner-up Atiku Abubakar has called a “sham election” and a “throwback to the jackboot era of military dictatorship,” according to BBC News. He has vowed to go to court over the election, which reportedly saw a record low turnout of just 35.6 percent.

Nigerian authorities encourage massive anti-LGBT crackdowns. In August, police raided a hotel in Lagos and arrested 57 men on suspicion of having gay sex, just weeks after six men in the south-eastern state of Abia were arrested for the same reason. The 57 men, who said they were attending a birthday party, were charged by a court with three counts of conspiracy, belonging to a secret cult and unlawful gathering, and were each held on bail of ₦200,000 (£430).


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