Riverdale’s Tommy Martinez had a male crush as a teen


Tommy Martinez has revealed that playing a bisexual character on The Fosters‘ spin-off Good Trouble was not hard for him at all because as a teen he had an experience with a boy but he had never opened up about it before. He is Hispanic, and this community is very strict and religious, there are queer Hispanic people, but society demands them to stay silent not to be rejected. “The way that [the Hispanic community] talked about homosexuality or even just experiencing something like that with slurs or what have you, my friend said the same thing, so I had nobody to talk to about [my own experience],” the actor, who is now romantically connected with female colleague Adeline Rudolph, told The Advocate. Martinez admitted that the experience of his Good Trouble character Gael made him much braver. “With his sexuality, in the places I grew up in, it was something that was never talked about, nor was it ever challenged,” Martinez explained. “I know plenty of people from my high school that are gay but are still not out to this day and I know a buddy here in LA who still isn’t out,” Martinez revealed. “I saw myself completely in Gael’s shoes,” he added. “And so when I got that audition notice and dove deeper into the character, I just felt right with it.”


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