UK government refuses to intervene into same-sex marriage issue in Northern Ireland


Prominent gay politician Lord Hayward has withdrawn an amendment which would have extended same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland after Equalities Minister Baroness Williams told the House of Lords that the decision should be made on the local level and the Northern Irish Government should be responsible for it. But the thing is that DUP and Sinn Fein are struggling to fiind compromise for more than two years, that is why the coalition is not formed and for all this time the country lives without a government.“The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland’s top priority remains to restore the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly,” she said, “We support the principle of Lord Hayward’s amendment. It is right for same-sex marriage to be extended to Northern Ireland by a restored executive, and we recognize that the ongoing absence of devolved government is having an impact in addressing this issue. We would hope and encourage a restored executive to progress legislation on this issue as one of the first things they do,” added Williams, before calling on Lord Hayward to withdraw the amendment and he agreed to do it but under one condition: Northern Ireland will form a government as soon as possible.


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