Emma Thompson signs a letter to support trans women


The letter – which was signed by over 70 women and was published in a Scottish newspaper The Herald, calls out anti-trans activists for their archaic beliefs, because of which they view transgender issues too narrowly and excuse it with the freedom of speech, though it has nothing to do about it. Misrepresenting and misinterpreting facts goes contrary the freedom of speech and the activists often represent the information the way they see it (and the way they want others to see it), although it can be quite far from reality. The letter was signed by celebrities, politicians and women’s rights activists, and was written in response to the Scottish government’s pledge to simplify the legal gender recognition process in the UK in general and in Scotland in part. The letter said that Scottish women do not divide transphobic views and support their trans sisters – trans women are women. The letter was organized by Rhiannon Spear, SNP councilor in Glasgow. Spear is also chairwoman of the Time for Inclusive Education campaign.


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