Former British swimmer Sharron Davies is against trans inclusion in sports


The athlete, who won silver in the 1980 Moscow Olympics and two gold medals in the 1978 Edmonton Commonwealth Games, tweeted that there is a difference between your biological sex characteristics and the gender you identify and represent yourself in society. In everyday life this difference means nothing – if you feel you are a woman, then live as a woman, the fact that there is an Y chromosome is not defining. However, she does not think that it works the same when it comes to female sports. Davies added that “to protect women’s sport, those with a male sex advantage should not be able to compete in women’s sport.” Trans columnist Paris Lees responded to Davies by saying that women are oppressed in society not on the basis of inborn biological characteristics but on the basis of gender stereotypes that are imposed on all women, no matter cis or trans, and Davies’ words Lees believes to be motivated by gender stereotypes as well.


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