Gay men were kicked out by Uber driver for kissing


Aaron Brown said his friend, Ryan Ottey, kissed him on the forehead during the journey, but the driver rudely told them that his car was not a place for it and refused to drive them further. They thought it was a joke and asked him why he said so. “I’m not driving that,” the answer was and by ‘that’ he meant the two of them. After the men got out of the car, Brown complained to Uber, but was left disappointed by the company’s “generic” response and refusing to check whether they were alright following the incident their employee was to blame for. He also said that he and his friend were “shocked and upset” that something as innocent as a kiss on the forehead could lead to them being treated “like scum.” “This behavior is unacceptable,” he added, “That driver should not have been on the road at all. It’s just sad really that it’s still happening in 2019.”


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