Hannah Gadsby prepared herself for working in a shop


Hannah Gadsby has revealed she was planning to work in a shop after the release of comedy special Nanette. Fortunately, the success of Nanette was a reason why she changed her mind. But she considered leaving comedy very seriously because the comedy touched so delicate issues as misogyny and homophobia, so she was afraid that people might not percept it and her career would be destroyed. So she asked her brother to find a job in the produce shop for her. Some of you may ask, why did she release Nanette if it was so risky? To this Gadsby responds that, as any writer, she wanted to tell her story. And if you are telling your story just for other people to like it then it is not your story. The comic added that “every show was alive and dangerous” due to the implicit breaking of contract between audience and performer. Gadsby explained: “They were there for comedy and then I didn’t give it to them. That tension in the room, there’s no guarantee that I can hold it. There’s a fear every time I go onstage.”


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