Hozier speaks out about homophobic comments of the dancer who starred in his video


The Irish singer distanced himself from ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who he name-checked in the lyrics to 2018 track “Movement” and featured in the accompanying music video. The Ukrainian native’s Instagram comments have previously cost him career in Paris as the Paris Opera Ballet refused to hire him in the wake of backlash. In one post, Polunin had claimed that effeminate male dancers “need a good slap, adding: “Females now trying to take on the man role because you don’t f**k them and because you are an embarrassment.” Sounds like a hypocrisy from a male ballet dancer, doesn’t it? Hozier said the comments were “troubling” and appear to have “come out of left-field.” He said that he was not connecting with Polunin as a person, it was a professional collaboration and the singer really admired the dancer’s professional skills. But as he found out about his beliefs, it made him feel devastated. “For somebody with such artistic potential – I was struck by the vision he has and his dedication to his work – for him to be hijacked by this strange cultural war, it’s really saddening,” Hozier said


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