Lesbian couple turned away by a Christian baker gets a cake for free


Tennessee couple Brandi Ray and Michele Schmidt spoke out after the owner of cake shop Susie’s Sweets claimed that her “spiritual conviction and beliefs” was an obstacle for her to make a cake for a lesbian couple. But as the story went viral, cake designer Jay Qualls, who has appeared on reality baking show The Next Great Baker and who happens to be gay, promised to make a cake for the happy couple for free in a sign of solidarity. The issue is emotional for Qualls, who came out later in life and himself was discriminated against for sexuality at wedding venues 3 years ago, when he planned a wedding with his now-husband. “I can’t sit back and allow this, as a gay man who has a very healthy and meaningful life with two adult children who are loved, and a very meaningful relationship,” he wrote, adding that he “sat across from thousands of couples over the years” but had not discriminated against anyone. “When you are serving the public, you have to be willing to serve all the public.”


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