Marvel reportedly looks for a gay lead in a new movie


Marvel Studios is reportedly looking to cast an openly gay male actor as the lead in upcoming comic book movie The Eternals. The leading actor should be no younger than 30 and no older than 49, have a good body shape and be open about his sexuality, there are no limits concerning his race and ethnicity, according to the reports. If they manage to find someone who fits the bill, the actor will mark the first openly gay lead within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The publication also suggests that the studio has already identified a frontrunner. The sexuality of the character remains in question. Ikaris is believed to have had a wife in the comics but considering that the Eternals aren’t Marvel’s most talked-about heroes, writers Matthew K Firpo and Ryan Firpo could take some creative liberties. First of all, Marvel Cinematic Universe has been repeatedly called out for the lack of LGBT+ superheroes and second of all, a queer man (bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid etc.) still can have a wife, there is no controversy.


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