Mike Pence hit back the critics of his wife


In a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 1st the Vice-President again showed vocal support to his wife Karen. Mrs. Pence has recently announced that she would come back to teaching. This news sparked outrage because the school where she is going to work forces the staff to sign a document which states that they oppose LGBT. The VP said that this was a liberal fashion to mock religious beliefs and to violate religious freedom of others. “Let me say before all of you: I couldn’t be more proud of my wife!”Pence exclaimed, “She’s a great school teacher, and Karen Pence is a great Second Lady for the United States of America.” Well, this is why people marry – to know that even if the whole world is against you there will always be someone who will stand up for you no matter what. But we still don’t understand why Mr. and Mrs. Pence, who are so happily married, think that there are certain categories of people who don’t deserve to feel the same.


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