Miley Cyrus’ first kiss was with a girl


Talking to RuPaul and Michelle Visage as a guest on their What’s The Tee? podcast, the singer and actress who identifies as pansexual revealed that her first kiss happened in the middle school and it was a same-sex kiss. But in her native Nashville nobody would understand it, and when she became a Disney star, she could not even find courage to support her friends who were gay, let alone revealing her own queerness. Now she can and she does it, she has a platform and she uses it to support LGBT people in need, she regrets of not doing it before, but now she is mature enough to understand that mo shape of love is wrong, even if your environment is convincing you in the opposite. Being a child star was hard because she had no actual childhood – she worked too much. And her first thought when Hannah Montana ended was “Finally! Freedom!” And it took years for her to learn to love who she used to be and to move forward having this experience behind her.


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