Neighbors star Takaya Honda ensures that playing a gay character is not hard at all


Takaya Honda, who plays David Tanaka in the soap, has hit back at people who ask him whether it was difficult for him to play a character who is romantically connected with a man. He usu8ally replies that he does not measure the difficulty of his roles, so such concepts as ‘a hard role’ and ‘an easy role’ just don’t exist for him. But if he tried such a measurement, David still would not belong to the hard roles. Yes, the actor is not gay himself, but he believes that acing is becoming someone else for a while, living someone else’s life. It can and should differ from your own, and the more significant the difference is, the better actor you are. And David is not only a gay character – sexuality is only a part of him, the screenwriters created him as a personality with many different sides and social roles he takes, so judging him only by whom he loves would be too narrow. But avoiding it would be unfair because his love story is incredibly beautiful and romantic. “Everyone understands love and most have an intimate understanding of what true romantic love is. The task we are given is to evoke within the audience that feeling of love and have them believe that we are in love, and that would go whether our characters were gay, straight or other,” he concluded.


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