Politicians boycott Staten Island St Patrick’s Day parade because it bans LGBT


Several politicians have boycotted the Staten Island St Patrick’s Day Parade after an LGBT+ group was blocked from taking part in it again. They were banned for the first time in 2011. Some politicians, including Borough president James Oddo and Democrat congressman Max Rose, responded by refusing to attend the event in a sign of solidarity with the banned LGBT campaigners. Rose said that people on the island still somehow struggle to express support to their LGBT compatriots as the territory has strong Catholic influence, but he personally believes it wrong to march at the parade when LGBT activists are not allowed to do it. Oddo tweeted: “I wanted to, and thought I could reconcile my call for inclusion with still marching, but internally I cannot. No disrespect is intended towards anyone, including colleagues who will march”. Solidarity with the banned LGBT group was shown even from abroad, in part from the New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who said it was “way past time” that the group be allowed to march in the parade.


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