Trans Australian calls out an army for attempts to ban her from serving


Transgender soldier Bridget Clinch has opened up about how she fought against the Australian army after it tried to dismiss her when she transitioned into female and underwent the surgery. When Clinch – who had served in the military for over a decade – told her bosses within the Australian Defense Force that she identified as a woman, she was given a termination notice and after the medical review she was officially dismissed. Clinch stood up to the ADF’s policies in 2010, the organization reserved the right to discharge the openly transgender soldiers. Since then, the ADF has expanded the medical services that all of their soldiers receive to include treatment for gender dysphoria. Official records indicate that 44 members received such treatment since 2012. 21 more people have applied for gender reassignment surgery. Clinch explained that she was inspired to strive towards a fairer work environment, not only by her own struggle but by comparing the ADF’s attitudes to that of, for example, British and Canadian armed forces. Clinch is looking to change attitudes and legislation within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, an organization that will supposedly spend “thousands of dollars on psychological treatment” instead of funding “the one treatment that will help”; gender reassignment surgery.


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