Andrew Scott believes that the characters’ and the actors’ sexuality should not necessarily be thew same


The openly gay Sherlock actor spoke to The Huffington Post ahead of the release of Fleabag Season 2, where Scott plays a priest who develops a close bond with Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s main character.He said that it was not hard at all for him to create such a bond and to show onscreen chemistry because there was a chemistry between them in real life and this chemistry has nothing to do with Scott being notr sexually attracted to women, it is a connection from person to person, a common language, a common vibe. He tried to create this kind of bonds with all of his female film partners and he has never treated being gay as an obstacle for it. He thinks that it can work for other gayt actors playing straight roles and also for straight actors playing gay roles – he sees that both variants are possible and sexuality should be only a part of your personality, not a limiting factor for your career, not an issue to define the roles you choose.


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