Birmingham school ceased LGBT lessons on demand of parents


A primary school in Birmingham that taught pupils LGBT+ lessons in order to tackle homophobia has abandoned the program amid the backlash from the pupils’ parents. The Birmingham school confirmed that the lessons have been scrapped and the only chance for them to be taught again is to consult every parent about this issue and to make sure that they majorly approve it. A group of parents of students attending the Parkfield community school in Birmingham have petitioned against the LGBT+ lessons, which they believe to be misleading, confusing and anti-religious. “We have no problem with the Equalities Act, we have no problem with them teaching them British values, but this is not teaching them British values, this is promoting homosexuality, this is confusing children,” parent Fatima Shah explained her disapproval of the program to BBC. “I’m just teaching children from an early age that there are different families out there and, let’s not forget, that in some schools there are children with two mums, so I see it that they’re not being taught anything,” said Andrew Moffat, the teacher who developed the program.


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