Gay man kicked out by UBer driver faces online abuse


Yesterday we told you a story of Ryan Ottey, who claims he was kicked out of an Uber due to his sexuality, was instructed by the driver to get out of the car in the middle of the road. Ottey later shared footage of his confrontation with the Uber driver to spread public awareness of homophobia but it provoked even more hate towards him from web trolls. “People have direct messaged me telling me we deserved it, posted online calling us ‘AIDS spreaders’, ‘alphabet soup victims’, ‘no one should have to tolerate those fruits,’” said the man, claiming that there were too many people who agreed with the driver’s actions. “It’s just such a strong reminder that there are so many still in our country that do not accept the LGBTQI community and wish us ill harm,” he said. Uber has responded to the accusations made, and also has an anti-discrimination policy in place which covers sexual preference and if the drivers disobey it then they are fired.


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