Health secretary considers excluding trans women from female NHS wards


The UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock was asked by LBC’s Nick Ferrari about policies that allow trans patients to be placed on the wards according to the gender they identify with. The health secretary, who was wearing a rainbow NHS badge intended to promote LGBT+ inclusion within the health service, said he did not feel completely comfortable about trans-friendly policies. “So if somebody is a woman, and has gone through the legal changes to be a woman, then they are treated as a woman.” He mentioned that there is a similar problem in prisons, where it is often hard to decide on which state of transition a transgender woman should be legally considered a woman. The issue has been topical in the wake of a controversial Daily Telegraph article published in January that referred to transgender women as “men” being allowed access to women’s wards. The article included an anonymous claim that a transgender woman had “become sexually aroused on a female ward, causing distress to a group of elderly patients,” though there is no official record of any such incident or complaint.


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