Indian LGBT-themed movie is praised by Netflix watchers


The LGBT+ movie tells the story of a religious mother who struggles to find a balance between loving her son who comes out to her as gay and her religious beliefs. Director Sridhar Rangayan crowd-funded much of the finances for Evening Shadows, and the film was very successful at movie festivals and received dozens of awards. When discussing the film’s international impact, Rangayan said that the film goal is to touch people’s hearts and to help parents to get reconnected with their LGBT kids who distanced themselves from families due to either fear of unacceptance or actual rejection, not only in India but worldwide. “We are happy to continue not only its film festival run, but also continue to explore its exhibition at mainstream platforms,” he added. Evening Shadows also became the first LGBT+ film to be released in cinemas following decriminalization of homosexuality in the country. Rangayan has been an activist of the LGBT+ movement throughout his career. Speaking about his experience as a gay in cinema man, he said: “I started my journey of working with the community and I came out much later as a gay man; I was 28. It was really complicated in 1990. But since that time I have been working with the community.”


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