LGBT sport groups responded to Sharon Davies anti-trans remarks


LGBT sport organizations united to call out those athletes who do not believe that gender segregated sport teams should be trans-inclusive – trans women competing with women and trans men competing with men. The statement looks at some of the common claims made about transgender athletes, and also examines the wider issues facing transgender people today. They wrote that of course transgender people’s ability to compete in the gender appropriate team should be examined and proven, but gender identity itself is not a defining issue to examine – thinking otherwise is narrow-minded and deeply transphobic. The joint statement was released by Pride Sports, LEAP Sports Scotland and LGBT Sport Cymru, who said that they felt compelled to respond to some of the claims made by Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies in a now viral tweet. They pointed out that the International Olympic Committee has officially permitted transgender sportsmen and sportswomen to compete and male and female national Olympic teams respectively in 2003.


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