Polish capital Mayor is under fire for supporting LGBT


The Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski has signed a declaration to legally protect the LGBT population. However, not everybody seems excited about such a decision, mildly speaking. The declaration signed by Trzaskowski is said to guarantee the basic needs of Warsaw’s LGBT+ community, and enable local administrations to provide what the Polish government refuse to put into practice, according to Gay Star News. It also states that the LGBT community center and hostel are to be built in the nearest future and education in the city school is to become LGBT-inclusive. Shortly after the mayor signed the declaration, Trzaskowski received backlash from right-wing and anti-LGBT+ groups who claim the LGBT+ community were threatening Polish society by ‘promoting pedophilia’ and ‘spreading HIV’. Hubert Sobecki, Polish LGBT rights activist, commented the backlash saying: “Rhetorics of this kind are nothing new to us.The goal of the right-wing media and activists is to cause a chilling effect, blocking implementation of the Declaration and stopping us from repeating our success in other cities – We won’t yield to this hate.”


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