Sam Newman laughs at transgender women


Australian ex-footballer and TV host Sam Newman posted a video on Twitter featuring Australian Football League journalist Mike Sheahan and former St. Kilda coach Grant Thomas. As reported by Yahoo, Newman appeared to make jokes about transitioning in response to recent backlash around trans inclusion in gender-segregated teams. In the now-deleted video Newman said: “I think I’ve run my race as an older male, and I’m thinking of transitioning. I think I could feel comforted by being an older female, and it’ll work well because my partner is thinking of turning herself into a boy… It doesn’t change we’re still man and woman.” Sheahan, who also appeared in the controversial clip, asked if Newman planned to go to the Olympics. Newman replied: “I’m going to clean up on world titles as a woman… an older woman.” Transgender football player Hannah Mouncey was one of those who called Newman out, saying that the video was embarrassing and only a fool could have created something like this. Newman then added: “If you wish to transition into a man or woman that is fine, but please don’t be arrogant enough to think you can just climb into women’s sport if you’re a man and compete on an equal footing.”


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