There is one more person who tackled HIV


A British man cleared of HIV has become the second known person in the world to beat the virus after receiving a bone marrow transplant from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that caused virus resistance in 2015. 1.5 years after coming off antiretroviral drugs the test for HIV shows that the patents blood cells do not contain the virus anymore. Dr. Ravindra Gupta, a HIV biologist who co-led the team of doctors who treated the patient, has described him as “functionally cured” and “in remission” and there is no anomaly to measure or detect in comparison with HIV- person, but he insists that it is too early to conclude that the patient is completely cured. The patient from London has not been named, and was first diagnosed with HIV in 2003, as well as advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2012. During chemotherapy treatment for cancer, stem cells were implanted into the man from a donor resistant to HIV, which lead to both his cancer and HIV going into remission.


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