Trans footballer ensures that hormonal therapy gave her no advantage


Transgender footballer Blair Hamilton started hormone therapy three years ago and says that it did not change her physical ability anyhow. The footballer, who plays for the Scottish team Stonehaven Ladies FC, spoke to BBC Scotland responding to the backlash against trans inclusion in sports caused by cisgender sportswomen of highest ranks – Sharon Davies and Martina Navratilova. Hamilton said that those who spoke out against the inclusion of transgender athletes need to “look at the science” of the way gender transition influence people from the physical point of view. “It does take away your muscle mass, your explosiveness. Your ratios from type-one to type-two fast-twitch fibres change – your body completely changes. I don’t think they realize how much of a change hormone therapy makes,” Hamilton said, meaning that Davies and Navratilova were wrong as they said that trans female athletes had some advantage from their male anatomy and that is why it would be unfair for them to compete against cis women


  1. What a weird use of “ensures”.

    Was the word the writer was looking for something like “asserts” or “is sure that”?


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