Youtube child star who opposed gay relationships now supports LGBT


A child who went viral in 2013 for his anti-gay views on popular YouTube series Kids React saying that he would reject his best friend if he had come out to him, now says he is pro-LGBT. Lucas reacted in a completely different way to a clip of Disney Channel show Andi Mack, where one of the characters, Cyrus, has come out as gay. Lucas said that he hates when gay and lesbian people are told by society that they are different because there is no significant difference between gay and straight people, and if people don’t understand it then it is only because they are unaware and uneducated, as he used to be at the age of 5, but his parents taught him that people can live their lives the way they want.” I do remember when I was young, I did a gay video,” said the boy, “Let me clarify something: I was only five years old, okay. I did not know anything. Honestly, in my head, I was like: ‘What the heck is this dude talking about?’ But now I understand it, because my parents taught me.”


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