Danica Roem raises $26,000 after the conflict with WBC


The church known for the ‘God hates f*gs’ slogan issued a statement on February 23 detailing their plans to demonstrate against the transgender politician who was announced as a delegate at the General Assembly. The WBC activists planned to protest Ms Roem first outside the Virginia State Capitol and later near the Virginia Commonwealth University campus on March 11. Writing a statement in response to the protest on Twitter on March 1 that she only laughed at protest plans and asked users to donate money for her re-election to make the Westboro Baptists go wild. It was a joke, but it was taken completely seriously by the trans politician’s supporters. Roem said the donations came from more than 700 people across 44 of the 50 US states, with only Hawaii, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Kansas missing from the list. Roem thanked everybody for the donations and added that this is how people should respond to hate – unite and help, and in this case hate has no chance.


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