Fred Rogers could be bisexual


People are ecstatic about finding out that Fred Rogers, the star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, was bisexual. According to the biography of the child show presenter he used to tell his friend Dr William Hirsch, who was gay, that if sexuality was a spectrum (and this is what it actually is), then he would have been somewhere in the middle of it, as he found women and men equally attractive. The book, The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers, also notes that in 1975, Rogers told The New York Times: “I’m not John Wayne, so consequently, for some people I’m not the model for the man in the house.”Many fans of the beloved American host found out about these quotes thanks to a viral tweet by Cece Ewing, a video blogger focused on book reviews. She then quote-tweeted a post containing the crucial extract from the biography, which was written by Maxwell King, the former director of the Fred Rogers Center. This tweeter was joined by many users who were excited and delighted to find it out.


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