Non-binary parent conflicted with Piers Morgan


Florida-based non-binary parent Ari Dennis rendered Piers Morgan “speechless” when they called his views childist. Dennis, who uses they/them pronouns, appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB) on March 6 to talk about gender issues, which are known to be complicated for Morgan. Dennis’ parenting philosophy was first featured in an NBC News piece in July focusing on “theybies”—children that are not assigned a gender at birth and are given a chance to pick the gender themselves. When the non-binary parent appeared on GMB, Morgan questioned their choices in raising their two theybies—eight-year-old Hazel and Sparrow, who is one. While their approach may be unique, Dennis isn’t the only parent to reject gender stereotypes. “The idea that you as a parent would even countenance the idea that a two-year-old child has any ability to form any serious perception of gender, frankly—and I put it to you respectfully—is utterly ridiculous and actually damaging to that child,” said Morgan, who also said that children were ‘kind of nonsense’ when they were aged three or four to decide their name and gender. “What you’re expressing is a bit of childism, which is assuming that someone has to be a legal adult to have the capacity to know themselves and I think a child can explore identity,” the parent said.


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