Terry Crews apologized for remarks about same-sex parents


Crews wrote that an on-set conversation with his Brooklyn Nine-Nine colleague Stephanie Beatriz, who is bisexual, he reconsidered his opinion about same-sex couples’ ability to bring up children. “Had a great talk with @iamstephbeatz this morning on set that shed a lot of light on why the LBGTQ community were hurt by my comments,” the 50-year-old star tweeted, adding that he did not want to trigger or target anybody and he deeply regrets that it happened. He judged from his own perspective of a father, but now he understands that it was too narrow and other people’s approaches to parenting may differ from his own significantly, but it does not mean these approaches are wrong. “I believe men need to be more vulnerable in order to fix the many problems that we created and this starts with me. We don’t always have to agree, but we must always listen,” he recalled, “I love every person on earth, and want to see every man, woman and child flourish.”


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