Trans man in Texas gives birth


Wyley Simpson and his fiancé Stephen Gaeth were surprised to discover last year that Wyley was pregnant because he had been talking testosterone for a while by then and had no menstruation. They were surprised because Wiley was living as a man and wanted to complete transition, but the thought of abortion has never come to his mind – if the baby decided to come under such unbelievable circumstances then they will live. While they are now happy fathers of a boy named Rowan, it hasn’t been an easy journey for the couple. Simpson told Carters News Agency that they received “a fair amount of abuse” from strangers. Writing on Instagram in December, Simpson said his journey to fatherhood has educated him and he grew as an individual as there had been nothing more amazing in his life than fatherhood. The man says that his son is happy and healthy and the goal of his dads is to raise him as a good human being first of all. He is assigned as a boy, but his masculinity will never be used to oppress him


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