Billie Eilish defends her song


Billie Eilish has defended her new song “Wish You Were Gay” after fans expressed anger that it had nothing to do with the singer’s possible queerness or same-sex relationships in general. A tease of the title led some fans to conclude that she might come out on “Wish You Were Gay,” but she said that it was a message to a man who rejected her, and who have later come out as gay in real life. And fans started to attack her for using the word ‘gay’ as something insulting. Eilish said that she had no plan to insult anybody. Some grew furious after seeing a video of the star saying she “made” the subject of the song come out as gay. Eilish told fans in the undated recording: “I did that s**t! I wrote the song and made him f**k a dude. I’m f***ing proud, bro.” She added that she told this story in a joking manner but was misunderstood, she had no goal for the song to sound offensive. The teenage singer added that “it could be the opposite way. It could be a girl interested in a girl and maybe that girl likes girls also but she doesn’t like her back. And then it’s like: ‘Well damn. I wish you were straight!’ You know what I’m saying, it could be exactly the other way. I wish you were straight because you didn’t like me because you like boys.”


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