Italian lesbian has been raped by father for years


A 23-year-old Italian woman named Francesca spoke to the Italian newspaper La Republica about the years of abuse she faced from her own father. When Francesca was 15, her family found out she was a lesbian. The family later picked Francesca up from school and attacked her on the way home. “And while we were in the car, they beat me in the head, in the legs, they beat me everywhere,” she said. The mother told her that she would rather like to see her daughter dead than a lesbian. And this is when her father raped her for the first time. She attempted to kill herself three times, but after another unsuccessful attempt she just ran away from home. “I was now at a crossroads, life or death. And I chose to live and denounce my parents,” Francesca said, “It was not easy, but I had many beautiful people beside me who helped me overcome difficult times.” The woman is now suing her parents for abuse, they deny all accusations.


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