School allegedly rejected LGBT essay due to fear it might upset parents


A 10-year-old girl has said that an essay she wrote for school on LGBT+ rights was highly criticized by the principal who said it would make parents of other kids feel upset. The principal allegedly told the girl to write an essay about bullying instead, otherwise she would create an undesirable situation. The mother of the girl is now suing the principal. The lawsuit alleges that the principal then confronted the girl’s mother about the essay, telling her that they topic was “not acceptable” to discuss LGBT issues outside home at the age of 10. The school, which is located in South Carolina in the US, is now being sued by the girl’s mother, Hannah Robinson, for violating the child’s First Amendment right to free speech and causing her emotional distress. In a written statement, school district spokeswoman Cynthia Robinson denied the claims, saying they consider the allegations to be “inaccurate” – although she also said that, as it is a legal matter, they are limited in what they can say.


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