A new progressive manifesto leaves LGBT rights behind


Independent Group spokesperson Chuka Umunna has revealed a new progressive manifesto via the Progressive Center to illustrate the list of the main priorities of the political forces such as Independent Group itself. “Politics in Britain is fundamentally broken, but what are the principles and potential policy ideas that progressives could use to change it? I’ve set out my ideas in the ‘What are Progressives for?’ pamphlet” Umunna tweeted. But analyzing the text of the manifesto we see that social issues and the rights of minority groups (including LGBT rights) are not mentioned there at all. To be fair, we need to say that there is one sentence which reads “There must also be protections for minorities”, but there is no definition of what these protections are and how they should be applied. “Strict rules should be developed to stop big data and algorithms from being used to discriminate against minority groups and to expand the use of big data beyond the pursuit of profit to the wider public good,” it also reads. But still, it gives n o explanation on how to protect minorities from being discriminated against.


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