All Together Now judge Jay Kamiraz survived a homophobic attack


Jay Kamiraz appears on BBC singing contest All Together Now as part of the show’s 100-strong judging panel, known as ‘Mr Fabulous’ for his flamboyant outfits. But what people love him for now turned him into a target for hate in the past, because he grew up in a conservative and deeply religious Asian community. And when he was 17 he survived a homophobic attack from a group of 7 people. His parents disowned him when they found out about it, because they did not need a gay son. “After my attack, I lost trust in anybody. I had no confidence. I was so flamboyant, and every ounce of personality I had was diminished,” he said. After a few months of being homeless and sleeping on the bench he decided o rise up and to rebuild his-self-worth starting his life from an empty sheet. Kamiraz is now a well-known gospel choir director and describes himself as the “gender fabulous version of Oprah.” He even performed with his choir at Buckingham Palace, describing it as “one of my greatest achievements.”


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