Gay Tory MP Nick Boles is under fire for complimenting a female colleague


Boles, the Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford, came under fire on social media over cross-party praise for an interview that his colleague from the Labour Party Jess Phillips has given. Sharing the interview, he had tweeted: “There is something about @jessphillips that I find irresistible. I would walk over hot coals for her. And yes she would be a great Prime Minister.” The message immediately came under fire from Twitter users who appeared to interpret the message of support as a sexual comment, calling it horny and creepy. The spat was swiftly picked up by several newspapers, with coverage from The Independent and Metro, and no media mentioned the fact that Boles is not attracted to women at all and has a husband. Referencing the coverage, Boles tweeted: “Wondering how I’m going to explain this to my husband…” He also responded to criticism from Guardian columnist Dawn Foster, writing: “No idea who @DawnHFoster but find it very funny that she thinks my admiration for @jessphillips in some way sexual. One day, maybe, a gay man will admire her too and then she will know what I am talking about…”


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