Homophobic graffiti near Birmingham school s investigated


Police are investigating homophobic graffiti at a Birmingham school that has become a focal point of a battle over the anti-bulling program that includes LGBT-related issues. A video went viral from a protest outside the school, with a speaker accusing teachers of “aggressively promoting” gay lifestyles, followed by chants of “shame” directed at Andrew Moffat, a teacher behind this program, who is gay himself. The Birmingham school has also been targeted with homophobic graffiti amid the protests, West Midlands Police confirmed. The police claim that hate in any form is unacceptable and hate crimes of any kind will be investigated. Police say they are also reviewing the video footage from the protests, but there is nobody to have filed a legal complaint about this issue. West Midlands Police added: “Officers have been working closely with the school, the local community and the parents to facilitate the protests, and prevent a breach of the peace. No formal complaints have been made to West Midlands Police by Parkfield Community School, or any of the staff who teach there.”


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