Trams woman was crowned as International Beauty Queen


American trans woman Jazell Barbie Royale was crowned Miss International Queen at the annual trans beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand. The history of the pageant counts 15 years but Royale is the first transgender woman ever to win it. Royale, who back home in the US is a community leader and HIV activist, said she hoped to send a message to transgender black women that they are beautiful and they can compete in beauty contests and win them, all they need for it is to be confident and to believe in themselves. The Florida native also planned to use her newfound platform to raise awareness over HIV and medications such as PrEP and PEP. There are a lot of living with HIV but don’t go to get treatment,” she said, quoted by AFP. s for what she’d like to do if she won the pageant, she said she wanted to be a representative for trans equality, particularly to those who are unaware and uninformed about it, who discriminate against trans people just because they don’t know and don’t understand them.


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