Congressional LGBT caucus includes no Republicans


The caucus, which advocates for LGBT+ rights within Congress, relaunched for the 116th Congress on March 11th after the midterm elections that took place in the country a few month before, in November. For the first time, a majority of all House Democrats have joined the group, with 18 vice chairs and 129 general members signing on to jointly work towards LGBT+ equality, but currently the caucus includes 155 members, and they are all Democrats. In the previous session of Congress, the group had two Republican members, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Carlos Curbelo, who attempted to forge bipartisan support for LGBT+ rights laws. One of them retired, another one was defeated by a Democrat. However, co-chair Sharice Davids says that with more members than ever before, the caucus has “a unique opportunity to enact real change on LGBT issues and further expand and protect the rights of the LGBT community in the US and around the world.”


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