Dave Chappelle called Daniel Caesar very gay


Dave Chappelle called singer Daniel Caesar “very gay” and was reluctant to say sorry when the TV host John Mayer attempted to solve this conflict. As first reported by Complex, the comedian was meant to be introducing Caesar’s performance on Mayer’s Instagram Live show Current Mood. Mayer has released a clip of him singing with Caesar. It starts with Mayer saying that Chappelle had met Caesar for the first time that day, and heard him sing a little bit. “Yeah, very gay,” Chappelle interjected. “What?” the surprised host exclaimed. “I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? I’m just kidding,” the comedian replied, but then the situation got even worse when he joked that he was surprised to find out that Caesar was black because he thought that he was the only black friend of John Mayer. “What I said?” Chappelle asked, looking, presumably, in Caesar’s direction, adding: “Did I offend you?” A discussion ensues, with Mayer clarifying that both Chappelle and Caesar are drunk and trying to moderate between the two, asking the comedian to “clean up.”


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