Education Secretary Damian Hinds has backed teachers at Birmingham school


The Conservative minister spoke out in support of Parkfield Community School, which has faced weeks of protests from Muslims and evangelical Christians who protest against the anti-bullying program called ‘No outsiders’ because the teacher who developed it is gay and LGBT issues are mentioned there. Hinds emphasized new guidance on sex and relationship education, published in February, which specifically mentions that LGBT issues should be taught at schools, the rest depends on headteachers, as the leaders of their schools they are responsible for what and how to teach. Parents should be consulted with, their opinion should be taken into consideration, but they are still not decision makers in this case, the Education Secretary insists. His intervention comes after Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman hit out at the protests, saying that it is ok if children are taught that it is not wrong for a boy to love a boy or for a girl to love a girl, and some of their classmates have 2 moms, some have 2 dads, it is also ok.


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