Gay man from a religious family fascinated the American Idol judges


The gay son of a Catonsville pastor Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon closed the audition day at American Idol and judges felt strongly connected to this incredibly talented man, especially Katy Perry. As a sexually fluid daughter of the evangelical pastor, Perry also struggled to find a balance between her sexuality and religious norms her family tried to impose on her. So she told the young singer that she felt like she knew him and knew what he felt. Harmon then made his mark performing a song he wrote, “Almost Heaven,” sitting at the piano. In the audition tape, Harmon says the song is about questioning whether people like him deserved to get to heaven because his family told him that to get to heaven he should have rejected his ‘gay lifestyle’. He still tries to explain them that it is not a lifestyle and they are still trying to accept it because they love him. It is complicated, but that is why it was so important for him to speak out to let other religious LGBT people know that they are not alone in this journey.


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