Marvel studio president Kevin Feige says gay superhero comes soon


The interviewer suggested Marvel make films involving Muslim superhero Kamala Khan, teenage Avenger Nova, a LGBT+ superhero, “or” Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. To this the studio president replied that w2hy to say ‘or’ if there is still an option to include all of the mentioned. He added: “I think all of those are percolating and… Let’s put it this way: They’re all percolating,” he said, ensuring that all the aspects the journalist has mentioned are now heavily considered and they are to come even sooner than anyone expects. Feige’s revelation comes after Marvel exec Victoria Alonso said earlier this month that it was time for a gay superhero to come as the audience was completely ready for it. “Our entire success is based on people that are incredibly different. Why wouldn’t we? Why would we only want to be recognized by one type of person? Our audience is global, it’s diverse, it’s inclusive. If we don’t do it that way for them, we will fail.”


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