Polish Olympian likened LGBT people to Nazis


Polish Olympian Zofia Klepacka was one of those who criticized the Mayor of Warsaw for signing a pro-LGBT document. The windsurfer, who won a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympic, is vocally against ‘promoting LGBT environments’ and vows to ‘defend a Polish tradition’. The Polish Olympian then referenced the Warsaw Uprising, the unsuccessful insurrection that attempted to liberate the city from Nazi rule in 1944, ahead of the Soviet advance, implying that those who fought against Nazism in World War II could not support LGBT. Actually, they can, and they should. Ms Klepacka probably has not heard about pink triangles and she does not know that gay men were deliberately targeted by Nazis, tortured and killed in concentration camps. Those who fought against Nazi regime fought in the name of its victims – Jews, disabled people, gay people and others who were killed and tortured just because they did not fit the Nazi standard of the ‘Aryan race purity’. A battle against Nazism was a battle against cruelty and hate towards people including especially those who were subjected to violence just for being different.


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