Coronation Street is rumored to have a lesbian wedding soon


Coronation Street actor Bhavna Limbachia has hinted that her character Rana’s wedding with Kate (Faye Brookes) may happen, but it is in question. Limbachia said that Rana’s brother Imran told his sister that although their mother isn’t yet ready to accept the relationship” if Rana got married in six months’ time, she might be able to accept it and come to terms with it.” Imran gives Rana a bracelet that belonged to her grandma and she wants Rana to have it, but as for her relationships with Kate, the mother is not ready for it, she needs time and Rana hesitates whether to marry her girlfriend right now or give her mother some time to accept it. Limbachia, however, went on to explain that Rana also had her own doubts about the wedding. “In the back of Rana’s mind, it’s still niggling her whether she has made the right decision,” she told Digital Spy. “Kate is the right person at the wrong time and Rana feels completely lost. [Fans] are going to be devastated, especially the Kana fandom, because they have followed this journey from day one.”


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