Tulsi Gabbard denies supporting ‘gay cure therapy’


Democratic presidential challenger Tulsi Gabbard denies she ever “personally” agreed with the idea of ‘gay cure therapy’, even though she lobbied for the anti-LGBT group known for promoting this practice. The group’s website included materials directly supporting conversion therapy, claiming: “We must renew our efforts to reach out with love and compassion to those who are addicted to homosexual behavior, and encourage them to seek help.” Gabbard, who represents Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, hit back at claims she advocated for gay cure therapy in a CNN town hall debate saying that she had not even known what conversion therapy was before the journalists called her out for allegedly supporting it a few years ago. She has never denied campaigning against same-sex marriages, saying that her Catholic upbringing made her believe she was doing the right thing but now she realizes that she was mistaken.


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